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Thrive with Excelsior Professional Coaching

Dare to excel.

You are capable of achieving the level of success you envision.  You don't need to achieve your goals on your own.  My clients are boldly facing questions like:

How can I live a more fulfilling life?
How can I become the best version of myself?
I need more balance in my life. How can I get there?
I'm not passionate about what I do. Is it too late for me to find my passion?
I'm not on track financially for my future. How can I get on the right path?

I can support you with your goals.  Schedule a call to learn more.

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Process, Mission & Values

I partner with my clients one-on-one to understand goals and strategically problem-solve to make what you envision become real.  Sessions include active listening, identifying roadblocks, providing accountability, and creating a safe space for reflection.  This creates the support necessary for you to work toward realizing your goals.  

Building inclusive leaders is a priority.  If you are either a woman, first-generation, or BIPOC professional, I am dedicated to supporting you.  I do this by partnering with you and with colleagues invested in creating inclusive workplaces where we all thrive.

As part of my inclusive business model, I regularly serve pro bono clients.  If you or someone you know could benefit from pro bono coaching please email me at for enrollment details.  

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A Little About Me

Supporting other people's growth allows me to feel like I'm living the most fulfilling version of my life.  Through over a decade working as an HR Professional in various industries, I found that I wasn't entirely fulfilling this need.  When I took inventory of what was missing I found coaching was my true passion.  Becoming a Certified Life & Leadership Coach and launching my business has enabled me to support others in this way more regularly.  Establishing a business has created its own set of unique obstacles-I've never been more willing to take on a challenge.  Seeing my clients succeed makes it so worth it.

Some of the various titles I identify with, in no particular order, include woman, first-generation, Black, Black-woman, traveler, learner, and the list is constantly growing.  Whether you identify with any of these labels or none, I take great care in understanding all of your titles and all the titles to come.  I appreciate the power these intersections allow us to have professionally and personally.  If you'd like to chat about how I can support you on your journey, please schedule an initial conversation. 

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“People are like stained-glass windows.  They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light from within.”

Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

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I was blessed to be aligned with Amy at a transitional time, I have been working on deciding my next career move. During these times, Amy truly supported me to dig deeper to look and things that I questioned personally and professionally. I worked with Amy through the phases of employment to unemployment to a new adventure. Even during these "non-traditional" coaching calls times, she supported me inside and outside of the professional realm. I feel confident in my working style moving forward as we think about my past working styles to help me understand those scenarios better.

I came to these coaching calls with a few goals in mind but the calls went way deeper in my goals and intention. Amy gave me a lot of practical perspective and intentional questions for me to think about. The cadence was super practical and helpful. Getting to work with Amy was a huge blessing! I am forever grateful for the goals and unraveling I was able to unpack with Amy! :) Cheers!

Mynhan Do

Amy supported me in identifying my assets and pushed me to be proactive around addressing my key growth areas. She is a truly valuable coach and mentor.

Michael John

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